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Success Stories and Testimonials

Sarah Boone

Certified Medical Assistant

Sarah Boone was working part-time at Michaels Craft Store in Burlington and attending Alamance Community College as a full-time student in the Medical Assisting program.  It was there that she heard about the WIOA program from her classmates. Although she did receive some funding through the Pell grant, there was no financial aid available for summer semester.  Sarah was struggling financially on a limited income from her part-time job and did not really have the funds to pay for her summer classes.  However, she was concerned that if she did not take summer classes, it would throw her off track to graduate on time.

Sarah applied for the program and met with Employment Specialist, Amber Currie who explained the WIOA program, the services offered and eligibility criteria for participation. Sarah was very excited about the opportunity and quickly completed assessments and provided her eligibility documentation.   The WIOA program was happy to accept Sarah into the program where she could receive the support and encouragement she needed to achieve her educational and employment goals.   

Sarah maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her time in the WIOA Program while maintaining her part- time job. Sarah graduated from Alamance Community college, earning an Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting.  Her WIOA Employment Specialist assisted her in registering for the state Medical Assistant exam in order to become certified.  Sarah passed this exam and earned the title of Certified Medical Assistant.

Sarah is now employed as a Certified Medical Assistant at Digestive Health Specialists in Winston Salem NC.  Sarah loves her job and is very thankful for the WIOA program in helping her to receive her associate’s degree and fulfill her dreams. 

Ms. Cynthia Thompson, Department Head of the Medical Assisting program at ACC, stated to WIOA staff that "Sarah was one of her top three Medical Assistant students in this graduating class."

Alamance County

DaCorey Pemberton

High School Graduate....Chef

DaCorey Pemberton came into the WIOA program needing assistance with increasing his math and reading levels during his senior year. of high school. He benefited from many services while enrolled in the program. He has participated in monthly leadership activities, he attended a Youth Conference at Haw River, and he received supportive services while enrolled in the youth program.

While in High School he was actively involved in band, and the marching band. He completed his Key Training and earned a Bronze Career Readiness Certificate. His goal was to graduate High School and enroll in Culinary School to become a Chef.  During the summer he was placed in a Summer Work Experience at Council on Aging/ Start Kitchen. He helped prepare, package and deliver packaged food to the elderly in the community. This work experience was a good way to get him started towards his educational goals.

The Culinary Program Advisor worked diligently with him to help him get enrolled for classes at Sandhills Community College. Despite the setback with his financial aid, he was able to enroll and schedule his classes. His financial aid is now fixed, and he has begun the road towards his college success!

"He has a positive and eager personality that shows he wants to learn and is focused on what he needs to do to meet his future goals."

Montgomery County

Bruce Stancil

Certified Production Techician

Bruce Stancil is a single parent with two adult children.  Bruce was laid off from his job of 14 years with a company located in Aberdeen, North Carolina.  Mr. Stancil visited Moore County NCWORKS Career Center stating he was not able to find a job with his current skills and a high school diploma.  He was enrolled in the WIOA training program as a Dislocated Worker. He set goals to get into college, successfully obtain new job skills in a specialized industry and employment in that field of training.   Through the partnership of WIOA and the Sandhills Community College Trades Program in Hoke County, Bruce was enrolled in the Certified Production Technician Program.  The Certified Production Technician (CPT) program is designed to train students for mastery of manufacturing production systems and minor manufacturing equipment maintenance and repair. WIOA assisted Bruce with tuition, books, supplies and transportation.  Based on financial needs, Bruce had to obtain a part time, low wage job with a local company on third shift to assist in maintaining his living expenses.  Despite working third shift, Bruce maintained a 100% class attendance rate and passed all four Certification Assessment Exams with a 90% rating. 

Based on Bruce’s academic achievements and dedication to his studies and work ethics, he received a recommendation from the instructor for a possible new hire line technician position available at the Unilever HPC in Raeford, North Carolina, which has endorsed the CPT Program as a quality training program. This potential employment opportunity allowed WIOA Center Manager and Business Service Representative to forge an On-the-Job training contract with Unilever HPC for Mr. Stancil. Based on his newly obtained specialized job skills, he was placed in the OJT with 4 months of training being provided.  His evaluations were proven to be outstanding and he completed all the required orientation and is now operating machinery on the production line.  He is also assisting in repairing, making machinery adjustment, and properly starting and shutting down production line equipment operations. He is working in a team environment which allows him to assist other plant employees with machinery adjustment. 

Bruce shared that his decision to enter college at his age was very challenging due to being out of high school for several years and not attending any formal training.  However, he never wavered in his commitment, desire and diligence to complete the Certified Production Technician Program.  Bruce shared that he knew the importance of having an education and how it would assist him in obtaining meanful work and higher wages.  He expressed his thankfulness for WIOA being able to assist him with his new job training  and skills. 

Bruces states "through this training he has gained new knowledge, abilities, experience and skills that will make him a better asset to employers and to achieve a better life for himself."


Moore County

Mary Vuncannon

Early Childhood Development

Library Assistant

When Mary Vuncannon began her work experience with the Asheboro Public Library as a Library Assistant, she was extremely nervous. Since she had never worked before, she was unaware of all of the various responsibilities associated with being employed. At that time, Mary was also working towards earning an Associate’s Degree from Randolph Community College in Early Childhood Development; however, while participating in the work experience during the summer, Mary was lucky enough to concentrate solely on her job since there were no classes offered that she needed during the summer semester.

Mary set many goals for herself at the beginning of this work opportunity. She was happy to finally be able to earn her own income and learn how to manage her own finances. She was able to obtain her license and a vehicle. Another main goal was to gain experience that will assist her with future employment opportunities. Mary was pleased to say that she has learned valuable skills during this experience and has thoroughly enjoyed assisting with the special events offered through the library involving children in the community.

Mary has now obtained her Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Development and has found full-time employment with Shepherd's Way Day School as a Lead Teacher. Mary is so happy to have had the opportunity to be involved in the WIOA program and is grateful for all the assistance and leadership provided to direct her in her career path.

“Mary was a wonderful addition to our staff during the summer. She quickly learned our policies and procedures and was great at helping our library patrons with checking out materials and getting library cards. Mary also spent time in the Children’s Room helping the staff shelve materials and presenting programs for various age groups. Mary even ran a few sessions of our successful LEGO program by herself. Personally, I think it is wonderful to work with the participants and to see them grow in confidence and abilities. We’ve always seen the participants as more than just a summer worker and, more than often, the participant has become a member of our team and our family. The Asheboro Library is truly fortunate to be a partner with such a great community program as the Building Futures Youth Center. We’d love to see this program continue and develop into something more year-round!” 

~George Taylor, Assistant Director, Asheboro Public Library~

Randolph County